Delijan Karoon Green Hotel is the first hotel in the city of Delijan. It is also the first hotel after the Islamic revolution in Markazi province and one of the successful hotels in this province. This hotel has been developed by three Development Plans:

First Development Plan

The first development plan was launched in 1995 and the construction process began in 1999. In this plan, a restaurant on the first floor and 18 rooms with full facilities on two floors with an area of ​​300 meters was built.

Second Development Plan

The second development project was completed in 2003 by adding the area of 550 meters in the north and west sides of the Karoon hotel in four floors. In this plan, a water complex including pool, dry and steam sauna, cold water pool and jacuzzi, and two ceremony halls in two floors and 8 suites with full services on one floor was built.

Third Development Plan

The third development plan was completed in 2011 by adding the area of 1000 meters on one floor, which includes 9 fully-service suites, meeting room, coffee shop, and a beautiful terrace.